A wonderfully engaging exhibition that targets and hits a typically uncatered for demographic of evening strollers! The sequencing and illumination encourage debate amongst passers-by and also contribute to new connections being made within the community. The vision to produce such a piece deserves recognition – it is technically excellent and the masking of the images during daylight hours serves to heighten the mystique and allure of night time illuminations with a clear message.

Kate McLean, design lecturer and sensory designer



I’m surprisingly moved by the photographs; the images of all those warm faces has gone a long way to ease my concerns about racism in Kent. As a mixed race woman, I have recently moved here because I love the place. However, I and other black people I know have encountered racist abuse here. I guess that’s why I’m choked up. It’s always good to hear good voices speaking up for tolerance and love! Thank you.

Dystin Johnson  



It’s so good to see theory turned into practice in such a wonderful way. The project is accessible and high quality – It’s magical to walk through the streets in the dark and see the illuminated images.

Hope the project will continue and enlarge.

Maggie Murray, London N1



It's a very exciting build-up you have created, first the posters and now the windows in Nelson Road, with the screens masked, ready to be 'turned on'. There's such a sense of occasion about it, and a work that spreads over the town with such a powerful narrative. Excellent stuff. 

Karen Boswall - participant



Walking down Nelson Road, on the way home from work, I saw a display of art that brought home to me the power of friendship and community. It was superb, fantastic, moving and a joy to behold as so many others walked up and down enjoying a wonderful display.

You can be so very proud of this work.

Now all I have to do is to persuade you to turn it into an annual event.

Philip Cartwright, Harbour Ward Councillor



We have a lightbox in our window, it has been lovely to watch everyone stop outside looking. Having something like this in our street has brought the neighbourhood together - it’s lovely.

Kim Walford, Nelson Road resident



What an amazing celebration of how wonderful our community is. I feel proud to take part and can’t thank everyone enough for getting involved. I feel motivated and moved to get more involved with community events.

Kari McSherry, Windy Corner Cafe



Thank you so much for asking [us] to participate in this unique art exhibition. We felt privileged to do so. The photos are lovely, so vibrant and so completely Whitstable. An excellent portrayal of a close and vibrant community. I particularly love the photo on the railway station and the one of everyone gathered under the beacon on Duncan Downs – it is wonderfully colourful and epitomizes the spirit of summer.

Julia and Trevor Seath



For somebody who is not particularly into modern art and counts “Vermeer” as her favourite artist I have been converted Jean. Thank you for lighting up the street and our lives these past weeks.

Bev Phillips and ‘Margo’ - Nelson Road residents


My family and I have enjoyed being a part of Jean Fraser’s wonderful project from initial ideas to the final showing.

We have all been in one of the photographs and are proud to stand for peace and community. What has been particularly impressive is how this exhibition has encouraged discussion between neighbours, friends and visitors.

Emily, Ben, Arlo & Albie Cocking – Island Wall residents



What an amazing project and such a great lot of support.

Tracey Falcon - participant



This is an imaginative and beautifully realised piece of work, that has produced both a beautiful series of images and served to unify a community at a moment of crisis. The inspired positioning of the work in light boxes [in house windows] serves to bridge the space between the public and private most effectively.

Philip Grey on facebook



The most amazing exhibition – more than an exhibition – a wonderful display of solidarity. I love it!

Julie Wassmer



What a fantastic piece of work! I’m very impressed with the way you have brought people together around this incident (last March) and used photography to express people’s solidarity in a very creative way. The best use of photography.

Brenda Prince, Haringey, London



We took a stroll down Nelson road on Saturday night and saw the photos in the light boxes. Fantastic! And then went to the Neppy for a swift half to see the rest. Such an amazing collection of pictures.

Gilly Green



Could I say what a wonderful idea your Open Places, Open People exhibition was and how it created a real buzz in the Town over the weekends that it was on display. We really enjoyed going around the venues, trying to identify people that we know.

The photographs illustrated what a varied, vibrant, open-minded and tolerant community we have in Whitstable, who will unit against the sort of violent incident which took place last year. It reminded me why  I enjoy living in Whitstable so much.

Roger Trice - participant


Honoured to be part of such a wonderful event. Thanks for the awareness you are raising,

Joe Heldt & Jo Halford – Nelson Road residents



Jean, your work has really got people talking in a fantastically positive way. We at Windy love the photos. It’s been a joy hearing customers talk and loving the work.

Kate Parker, Manager, Windy Corner Cafe



Jean, your photographs really have brought people together – our community is filled with smiling people.

Yve Schelhaas – Nelson Road resident




Reactions and comments from passers-by, residents, participants and lightbox hosts.